We have been creating driver cards for almost 20 twenty years. Starting back in the early 90's, we offered commerically printed driver trading card to auto racing drivers in North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota & Montana. Starting with 8 standard styles and 3 sizes, the cards were offered in quantities in 500 to 1000 cards per order.

We have now progressed to an all customized product that is design to enhansted the driver, race car and sponsors. Offering six different sizes and and quantities as low as 250 cards. Each priced to at a resonable price to fit any racers budget.

A promotional product that is a great hand-out at the track or a sponsor location. These cards hightlight a driver history and sponsors. We are very flexable on what a driver can put on the front or the back of the cards with no extra costs.

Know as Dacotah Auto Racing Trading Cards when we started is now sold under Simes Graphic Designs. Our driver cards have now become just another part of our graphic services company for the short track Racing Industry. We are a full service graphic art studio that can take care of all your printing needs. For more information or a sample packet call (888) 457-4637.

Browse this web site and give us a call or drop an e-mail for further information to info@simesgraphicdesigns.com to see if we can produce a custom driver card for you.